Ten of Diamonds

Fortunate Blessings


You have been blessed with a birth card of good fortune. The secret to your success is to work hard for what you want and be grateful for what you have. It is this combination that assures your success. Even when down to your last dollar, something will spur you into action to manifest income. Your birth card represents higher values, so take care that you don’t place too much importance on money. A spiritual approach to life will support balance and give you good discernment. When you focus on something, you have tremendous power to make it happen. Recognize and acknowledge your potential and personal power. People trust you and it will serve you to work with the public. You are a natural leader and a visionary. Love is in the cards for you. To attract the perfect relationship and to experience the success and happiness that you desire, you must first learn to love yourself with confidence. Accept your restless nature. Learn to pay attention to your partner’s needs as well. You are blessed with great intelligence, good instincts, a quick mind and good fortune for your lifetime. Approaching your inner journey and self-awareness with integrity is the key to your mastery.

Birthdays: January 17, February 15, March 13, April 11 May 9, June 7, July 5, August 3, September 1

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