Ten of Hearts

Idealism in Love and Leadership


You are a strong, independent individual who instinctively knows that all obstacles can be overcome through love and understanding. You are gifted with what it takes to accomplish success romantically, spiritually and materially. When not living in the fullness of this powerful card of love, doubt, confusion and unhappiness will plague you and might lead you to become domineering. When expressing the positive side of this card, life is filled with love and self-mastery. You can create and transform situations at will with your intention. Your powers of reason and logic are unsurpassed and, when applied, can bring you great success and joy. Being naturally generous and giving, you may be drawn to work with children or others in need. It’s important for you to pay close attention to your dreams to keep them from slipping away. Give yourself permission to access and express your feelings with your loved ones. You have a warm, loving, generous nature and draw others to you with ease. Change, variety and travel will satisfy your restless nature. Self-discipline is the key to successfully directing your ambition. You are a natural born leader and do best in positions of authority.

Birthdays: July 31, August 29, September 27, October 25 November 23, December 21

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