Ten of Spades

Spiritual & Material Accomplishment


Success is the keyword for the Ten of Spades and this card is both strongly materialistic and highly spiritual and sometimes the polarity of the two can be challenging. The opportunity is to go beyond the material while mastering it and attain mastery in spiritual awareness while maintaining material success. This is driven energy that leads to the accomplishment of all goals and when applied, your highly sophisticated intelligence can bring you to great success and creativity. You greatly enjoy the company of people who share in your thinking and it’s important to spend time with them, as isolation can lead to misfortune and eventually poor health. You have a passion to live life to the fullest and it serves you in all ways to do so. It is important to take advantage of the learning that comes from your life experiences. You are ambitious and prone to experiencing confusion between love and work. When too much importance is placed on career or work, dissatisfaction can result in family life and personal relationships. Focus on your feelings and allow yourself to be nurtured and loved. Your nature thrives on opportunities to share with others of like mind.

Birthdays: January 4, February 2

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