Two of Hearts

Union in Love


The Two of Hearts represents partnerships, romance, and love. You are innately sensitive and profoundly affected by your surroundings, as well as how others think of you and treat you. You have a tremendous need for love, support, acknowledgment and acceptance. Without loving support, you can actually become ill or depressed. You are wonderfully curious and interested in others and you prefer to be in partnership rather than alone both personally and professionally. Your innate curiosity can lead you into relationships that are not always what you perceived them to be. Your desire for union with a soul mate is strong and is a key motivator in the choices you make. You love to communicate and you have a natural interest in foreign countries and their people. You have a great appreciation for education and you learn quickly. Cultivation of the relationship between your heart and mind is a life-long journey. Choosing to favor one at the expense of the other will bring disappointment and heartache. When you embrace them equally, they bring you happiness and fulfillment. You have great determination, but remember to let yourself be loved thoroughly.

Birthdays: December 29

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