Three of Clubs

Mental Creativity


Your wonderful giving nature makes you a great partner and good friend. The Three of Clubs is known as the Writer's Card and you are blessed with many natural talents and an abundance of mental creativity. It’s essential that you find your passion and pursue it with dedication, as this will ensure success. If you are not interested in what you are doing, it will prove to be frustrating. Get beyond your innate tendency toward indecision and you will find the freedom to write your own ticket to success. Indecisiveness is part of your nature; this is creative energy that needs to be applied. Learn to control your mind and only do what you love doing. Look at life from an impersonal point of view and channel your creative genius, as this will bring clarity. When your creative energy is not channeled, worry and uncertainty take over. You are delightful and flirtatious and you like preserving your freedom in your relationships. You have a sparkling personality that brings joy to the world. Manifest your passion to bring joy to yourself by expressing who you really are. You light the way for yourself and others through the expression of your innocent nature.

Birthdays: May 29, June 27, July 25, August 23, September 21, October 19, November 17, December 15

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