Three of Hearts

Love & Imagination


You have been blessed with a highly creative and very brilliant mind. This is a card of expression and expansion. You are highly imaginative, optimistic and social, with a strong need to be engaged in all of these avenues. Moodiness and worry can occur when you are not applying your creative intelligence in a productive way. The experience of indecision, confusion, or depression is a sign that there is a need to utilize your creativity and focus on something that will bring tangible results. Your feelings run deep, which may not be obvious to those around you. There can be a tendency to become overly involved in helping others. Intuition, logic and judgment are strong and you do well in positions of authority. You have tremendous personal magnetism when you are appreciating yourself. Meditation or some sort of mental discipline is recommended. Relocating will often spur you into new action. Change in living and career can be common. Your opportunity is to channel your brilliant creative energy into art, music, writing or anything that keeps you going in new directions. Any type of business that involves communication and interaction with others will serve you well.

Birthdays: November 30, December 28

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