Four of Clubs

Mental Structure


As the Four of Clubs, you are most likely known for your sound judgment, superior intuition, and progressive thinking. You are naturally talented and gifted and, when unclear about your direction, you become restless. When you focus your intention you are guaranteed success. You are hard working and you have great endurance. With a special love and appreciation for language, you can do well as a writer or in any field of communication, including acting. You have strong opinions and a strong sense of self. You are social and like to gather interesting people into your circle. You appreciate developed intelligence and feel strongly about the value of education. Great in social situations, you are popular in groups and can talk to anyone about anything. Being your own best friend and believing in yourself secure your success. Self- doubt can be an undermining factor and your worst enemy. Love relationships are very important, as you have a strong need for affection and intimacy. It is important to have deep spiritual connections in your close relationships, as this will help you to maintain clarity and assuredness with your discernment.

Birthdays: April 30, May 28, June 26 July 24, August 22, September 20 October 18, November 16, December 14

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