Four of Hearts

Foundations of Love


Your life is blessed with success, which you can have in the field of business, education, the arts, medicine, or metaphysics. Basically, if you are happy, you can be successful in whatever you choose to do. It’s most beneficial for you to work with others who share your values. People born on this birthday are natural born healers and metaphysicians. This card represents stability in the family, home and marriage. People are important to you and harmony in relationships is essential for you to be happy and productive. You have great protection in your life and success is guaranteed if you choose to pursue it. You are highly intelligent and have a strong desire to express yourself in artistic or intellectual ways. There can be a danger of becoming too self-absorbed, which can lead to failure. Be diligent in following through with things to reap the benefits of your endeavors, as it is your nature to lose interest. Worry can cause health problems, and it is best to surround yourself with those who are positive in nature. You have a strong sense of justice, and are very kind and understanding. Your home is a sanctuary and it will be wise to treat is as such. You are here to give to others and when you do, good fortune comes your way.

Birthdays: October 31, November 29, December 27

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