Four of Spades

Willpower in Action


Personal strength and willpower are the gifts that you have been given in this life. Your ability to focus and move through obstacles is unsurpassed, so much so that often you will take the harder path to get to where you are going. Work and productivity are important for you and you are happiest when you are busy, especially with things for which you have passion. Avoid letting your concerns get in the way of your creative thinking, as worry limits your perspective and your self-expression. You are intelligent, quite intuitive and very personable. You prefer being your own boss, or at least having the freedom to have charge over what you do. It’s your nature to be strong-willed and sometimes stubborn and this can show up in your thinking and communication. It will serve you to be receptive in your communication. You have a strong constitution and you are likely to have good health throughout your life. You care deeply in regard to friends and family and your endurance and dependability are unsurpassed! You are always there when your loved ones need you to be! Be adventurous, take time to play and explore new things.

Birthdays: January 10, February 8 March 6, April 4, May 2

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