Five of Hearts

The Restless Heart


Love, money, security and variety; the Five of Hearts wants it all. This is the card of emotional adventure. You have a very good sense for business and do best as your own boss. Language and communication are important to you and you thrive in situations where you can advise or be with others. Your greatest challenge, which is also that which brings the greatest reward, is to find something you really love doing and stay with it and see it come to fruition. You do best in jobs that involve travel, variety and the opportunity to meet and interact with people. You are very sociable and like to have others around. You like to experience life to the fullest and are easily distracted because you are drawn in a variety of directions. Much wisdom and insight is gained as you learn from your life experiences. Coupled with your love of people, this can lead you to become a leader or teacher for others. Many Five of Hearts live in foreign countries, travel on a regular basis and some have more than one main interest at a time. You can also be quite adventurous when it comes to romance. You are very affectionate, loving, kind and love being around children and animals.

Birthdays: October 30, November 28, December 26

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