Six of Hearts

Balance & Harmony


You are naturally kind, affectionate and sensitive to the feelings of others. You strive to keep harmony in your surroundings and with the people you love. In the family, you will always sacrifice your needs for the happiness of others. You have good judgment and mental balance to draw on, if you choose to use it. Gifted with high intelligence, you have extraordinary communication skills. Success comes with any field of interest, once you decide to take action. Key to your success: Take Action! Recognize your inherent tendency to procrastinate. Making a decision to change that pattern will lead to success. You are happiest when you are viewing the world through the eyes of love and your path is one of forgiveness and forthrightness. You love to give to others, are generous when you do, and you enjoy the power that money gives you to do so. The value of money lies in the freedom of sharing it with others. Your home is important and change is not accepted easily. You have good luck in love and marriage.

Birthdays: October 29, November 27, December 25

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