Six of Spades

Fate & Destiny


Yours is a highly intuitive card. Many born with this influence feel as though their life is fated or destined in some way. It is. You have strong traits of honesty, fairness, responsibility and kindness - you have unlimited potential for success and recognition. You must first take responsibility for the power you have been born with and guard against losing yourself in fantasy. This is a dreamy card that can be prone to escapism. It's imperative that you take responsibility for your actions, because when you don't, life can be difficult. Your greatest enemies are laziness and procrastination. When you align with your higher wisdom and take action, life is magical. You are a teacher to others and it’s from your life experiences that your wisdom comes. Be watchful of the tendency toward being stubborn, argumentative or resistant to change. You can spend a lot of time dreaming about love and romance and you must learn to be realistic in this area. You have a great appreciation for people who are intelligent, as they inspire your own natural intelligence. You also love being with those who inspire you to feel carefree.

Birthdays: January 8, February 6 March 4, April 2

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