Seven of Spades

The Mystic


This is the card of the mystic and the artist. Being born under this influence, you are very intuitive and extremely sensitive to those around you and your environment. It’s important to surround yourself with beauty and serenity. You have the opportunity to live a life of higher values and spiritual awareness, as this is one of the most spiritual, intuitive cards in the deck. Your natural ingenuity can bring you great success in the arts or in the realms of metaphysics. Challenges can affect your health or work when you don’t follow your heart’s desires. You are an old soul and you have within you an innate wisdom of the power to transform and to see beyond limitations. You have tremendous inner strength and can sometimes be overbearing. Guard against shortsightedness in your thinking. Good luck comes with turning toward higher knowledge and learning. Lucky in love, you are attracted to people who are intelligent and have financial means. Most difficulties manifest in physical ailments, and you can sometimes be accident-prone. Establish and maintain balance in your life with beautiful surroundings, lovely sounds, and good food, all of which are important for your good health and happiness.

Birthdays: January 7, February 5, March 3, April 1

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