Eight of Hearts

The Power of Love


Your birth card represents the power of beauty and love. Having this birthday, you have been blessed with magnetic charm and strength of character. The emotional power inherent in this card suggests that you act with the greatest integrity in all of your dealings with others. You can use your given talents in the arena of art, beauty, music, or healing and metaphysics with great success. You also have what it takes to be a counselor, teacher, or liaison. You have the ability to attain mastery in any chosen field and are destined for success, whatever you do. You have the potential to have wonderful loving relationships and a happy, fulfilling emotional life. You can have a tendency to worry about finances and may not always believe in yourself – both are a waste of time. Focusing on your self-awareness will offer balance and clarity to wobbly emotions. Meditation, yoga, or physical exercise will help focus your mind and bring you back to yourself when needed. You have high ideals and you know how to love others and make them feel special. This emotional power gives you an advantage and it is essential that it is used with wisdom and care. You are a loving, creative, attentive partner and very great friend.

Birthdays: August 31, September 29, October 27, November 25, December 23

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