Nine of Clubs

Universal Wisdom


Nines represent completion of the past, new beginnings and new possibilities. Your life will always be filled with revelations and new learning. This card represents the path of creative mental development and whatever your passion may be this will be expressed through your creativity, as you are a great thinker. You are asked by life to let go and open yourself to new ways of seeing. You are very fond of pleasure and you are sensuous and romantic. You must guard against wasting your time with over-indulgence or irresponsibility, as unconscious action will always create disappointment. You have the power to use your mind to stay healthy, or make yourself sick; you choose. You are naturally curious and can have a tendency toward taking risks. Deal with your emotional ghosts from the past so that you can enjoy the higher, positive side of this card, which is blessed. Take responsibility for your self and your life and use the gifts of mental intelligence that you have been given, as doing so will bring you great success and true happiness. You are gifted with the intelligence to see what is possible and the opportunity to share that with all.

Birthdays: January 31, February 29, March 27, April 25 May 23, June 21, July 19, August 17, September 15, October 13, November 11, December 9

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