Nine of Hearts

Learning through Love


You have been blessed with a great mind and an abundance of creative intelligence, which suggests that you can find success in whatever field you desire. You learn most of your lessons through your relationships; you must cultivate your discernment and your judgment. When aligned with your integrity, you acquire what you desire. This is the “wish” card and you can spend a lot of time wishing for love or wishing for money and usually have one or the other. This can be a life of great fulfillment when you harness your restless emotional energy and focus it through your creative intelligence. Life works best when you take an impersonal approach to things. It’s in letting go of how you think things should be that you receive the fulfillment you desire. You are big-hearted, loving and giving, however you must guard against giving too much. Your life is full of lessons that sometimes seem like tests. Learn to be discriminating with your feelings, as this will lead you in the right direction and to your happiness. When you apply the principles of unconditional love in your life, you shine brightly enough for the rest of us to see. Self-discipline will lead to self-mastery, happiness and your success.

Birthdays: August 30, September 28, October 26 November 24, December 22

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