Nine of Spades

Unlimited Possibility


You were born with an inherent spiritual nature that allows you to tap into higher knowledge and wisdom. You are intelligent, artistic, creative, curious and often times skeptical. It’s imperative that you keep balance and harmony in your life and your surroundings. This is a card of accomplishment or disappointment, depending on how you choose to interpret life. You are original and unconventional in your thinking, and the key to your success is to take an impersonal approach to life and stay on course with your goals. You have the ability to think forward, perceive what can be better and know how to make that happen. Many with this card are artistically and musically gifted. Endings and letting go happen in all arenas of living and your life is often filled with change. People come and go, as do careers and interests. Your journey is to be in the creative flow of life itself. You are charming, loving and giving - you thrive in partnerships. You have a strong emotional nature that can seem overly sensitive to others. Use this power and your passion to align with your spirit. You have what it takes to be adept in business and can be extremely successful in whatever you choose to do.

Birthdays: January 5, February 3 March 1

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