Ace of Diamonds

Imagination in Action


A true visionary, you have amazing perceptual skills and a fantastic imagination. You are goodhearted, love children and animals and know how to play. You are highly imaginative and creative and can be hardworking as well. You love meeting new people and enjoy being social. Travel and change of any kind are welcomed, as these are good channels for the restless aspects of your nature. You pride yourself on your ability to communicate. Ambitious, independent and energetic, you are likely to be driven by a desire to improve the quality of life for others. Motivated by the desire for money and love, your passion and persuasiveness is expressed through your personality. Discernment and discrimination are important tools for helping you realize your dreams. You may find challenges in love due to your independent nature. Many with your card enjoy having long distance relationships, while others have relationships that allow them to travel. Aces can be selfish and impatient and also extremely giving and generous. Your strength is found in your giving to others.

Birthdays: January 26, February 24, March 22, April 20, May 18, June 16, July 14, August 12, September 10, October 8, November 6 December 4

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