Ace of Hearts

The Desire for Love


To love and be loved is the most fundamental motivating factor with in each of us. The Ace of Hearts takes this pure and essential desire into the material realm of life, which can create some questions. You want to know the value and worth of everything. You are innately driven by desire, and you question that which is presented to you regarding its value. Motivated by a natural drive to succeed, you might be challenged to find a balance between the value of love and the love of money. You can easily have both. You are highly intelligent, quick minded, and ambitious. You are also good with people and business. You are adept in the arts and can find great success working in any arena of life. Many world-class athletes share your birthday. You are naturally flirtatious, and might find happiness in a non-traditional relationship. There can be frequent changes in work and career throughout your life. Draw on the wisdom of the King and the compassion of the Queen of your suit, as this is where you will find clarity of mind and emotional balance. It is your destiny to make the world a better place, and you do, simply by being in it.

Birthdays: December 30

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