Jack of Clubs

Mental Genius & Creativity


Your innovative progressive mind and natural entrepreneurial spirit are a blessing to the world. You are here to bring the future into the present in whatever ways delight you. Your brilliant creativity lends itself to innately knowing how to improve the quality of life and the functionality of systems in general. You have the ability to dive deeply into anything that captures your interest, analyze it thoroughly and present it with clarity. You love to debate and, if not watched, your sharp, quick mind can easily engage in arguments, which you rather enjoy because this is a form of mental gymnastics for you. Your mind is working much faster than everyone else's; patience is the key. You are gracious and kind, and you thrive in social settings. You have a natural desire to serve others and when you act on this you can really make a difference. Relationships can be a bit of a mystery, as you tend to approach them the same way you approach the rest of life – through your head. Your mastery lies with your creative intelligence. In relationship, trust your feelings to lead you into your heart.

Birthdays: January 29, February 27, March 25, April 23 May 21, June 19, July 17, August 15, September 13, October 11, November 9, December 7

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