Jack of Hearts

Sacrificial Love


You are a natural born teacher who has come into this life to show the way of love and compassion. This is not always an easy role to play. You innately understand that the greatest gift is in giving of oneself and that giving brings the greatest rewards. You are here to teach the rest of us by your example, though those closest to you may not realize that. You’re likely to take your time exploring new ventures. You do your best work behind the scenes, unconcerned with fame and fortune. You do well in any position where you interact with people. Avoid being careless or living in denial regarding what’s really going on in your life, as this can lead to escapism and create difficulties. You are the greatest friend a person can have and you are deeply loved by all who know you. You are likely to prefer companionship or marriage because you enjoy having someone to take care of and share with. The secret in relationships is giving to yourself, acknowledging your dreams and giving yourself permission to be empowered to follow your true passion and expression. Follow your heart’s desire and keep clear boundaries. Do what it is that you truly love doing.

Birthdays: July 30, August 28, September 26, October 24 November 22, December 20

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