Alpha and Omega


The numeric value of the Joker is zero. Zero represents the embodiment and expression of eternal energy and inner gifts. This is in essence the highest card of the deck because its influence lies beyond the realm of what we can comprehend. As a Joker you are fascinating to others, intelligent, imaginative, creative, powerful, loving and a mystery even unto yourself. You are “all things to all people,” and can certainly do whatever you choose with great success. You are an inventor, a healer and a powerful agent of change. Sometimes the Ace of Hearts, sometimes the King of Spades, you lie between these two bridging the gap between the past and the future. You embody Alpha and Omega and you operate by different rules than the rest of us. Jokers hold the key to themselves and they guard it closely. It’s of utmost importance that you are true to yourself and honest in all of your endeavors, as this choosing will bring you great fortune. You know that you can do anything; it’s simply a matter of owning that truth and choosing to act from a place of wisdom, which will bring success. You must be with a partner who can see who you are.

Birthdays: December 31

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