Jack of Spades

The Actor


This is the card of the actor, the thief and the spiritual initiate and it is a card of great creativity and mental power. The Jack of Spades can become the King of Spades, a powerful, responsible leader, or a crafty thief who cannot be trusted. It is up to the individual to choose the path that is right for him or her. This is the card of spiritual initiation and higher creative thinking. With this birthday, you have the ability to use your mind to initiate absolutely anything you choose. You are highly inventive and intelligent and your enthusiasm leads you to your conviction and it is this combination that brings your success. Yours is an easy life path and from time to time you create challenges for yourself just to avoid boredom. You like excitement and can easily inspire others to get going, or to get into trouble. Romantically you are very independent and restless and you dream of the perfect lover. Your restlessness can lead you to having multiple lovers or to being dishonest. Your opportunity is to reach for your highest integrity and wisdom in all you do. With determined focus and intention, it is your birthright to achieve self-mastery and, when you do, the world and all its blessings belong to you.

Birthdays: January 3, February 1

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