King of Diamonds

The Master of Higher Values


This card has dominion over the material realms of money and manifestation and gives you the power to rule through a combination of action and love. You have an innate wisdom for business and you know how to make things work. If you live with higher values and have a disciplined mind, you can understand the laws of abundance and integrity. You do best being your own boss or being in a management position. You are a great employer and a great employee. You are highly intelligent, have great intuition, and you excel in whatever you do. Notice that this king is showing only one eye, suggesting a tendency toward stubbornness or one-sided thinking. You might have a perspective that is not obvious to others. You have a responsibility to use your power for good, with integrity and kindness. You are a born teacher, leader and advisor and you must live what you know to be true. Your passion runs deep and you need a partner who can see and appreciate who you really are and who can draw your feelings into expression. You are a generous lover and partner and a loyal friend.

Birthdays: January 14, February 12, March 10, April 8, May 6, June 4, July 2

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