King of Hearts

The Master of Love


As the King of Hearts, it is in your highest interest to rule your kingdom with love and compassion. It pleases you when your deeds bring blessings to others. You are friendly, kind, gracious and magnetic. When you are aligned with your innate wisdom of the heart, you emanate peace and harmony and you become a safe harbor for those you love. Residing within you is the source of inspiration and creative expression. When you live up to the gifts that this card bestows, you will be recognized for your talent and your goodness. You hold your power in the silence of your knowing and when you are true to your nature, you let others take the glory. Holding others to your expectations of them can create disappointment. Your greatest joy comes when those you love have a peaceful heart. You are a great friend and family member and will do anything for those you love. When you are not following your true path, you will become fearful, neurotic, ill, or over-indulgent; all signs that you are not on your true path. Hold your dreams where you can see them and embrace them as realities. Yours is the path of mastery, creativity, and love.

Birthdays: June 30, July 28, August 26, September 24, October 22, November 20, December 18

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