King of Spades

Spiritual & Material Mastery


The King of Spades is the master of the deck. The inherent power of this card gives those born on this day the ability to attain true self-mastery. Many are found in leadership roles and positions of power. This card comes with a great responsibility to realize higher wisdom. When you are not pursuing the realization of your potential, you will be discontent, scattered and uncertain. You are independent and strong-willed and may be more interested in exploring freedom, adventure and new horizons than living a traditional lifestyle. People may think of you as being secretive because of your choice to be somewhat solitary. You tend to live in your head and you can be very indecisive when it comes to love, which can cause confusion for you and your partner. You must have a creative outlet for your mind. Your opportunity is to turn your attention to the exploration of inner self. You have carte blanche to the deeper secrets and mysteries of life; why not explore them? Once attaining self-mastery, you become a teacher to all with whom you come into contact by exemplifying the wisdom of this card. Wear your crown with pride and gratitude.

Birthdays: January 1

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