Queen of Hearts

Love & Compassion


The Queen of Hearts is the promoter of dreams. This queen holds a vision of love and harmony for the whole world. This is the card of beauty, magnetism, love and affection. The positive qualities of this card are like a fairly tale and portray the perfect human being. As a Queen of Hearts, you are inviting, loving and warm. You are friendly and optimistic and artistically gifted. A wonderful friend and lover, you are receptive and impressionable. Your remarkable communication skills and dynamic personality suggest that you can do well with teaching, in positions of management, or any placement that has you interacting with people or animals. Many with this card are psychics and mediums and most are on a spiritual path or involved in religion. You may enjoy being dramatic from time to time, which is simply an expression of your passionate nature. Your only downfall can be laziness or over-indulgence, which results from undirected creative energy. You have an amazingly sophisticated intelligence and when you channel this through your passion, you can achieve absolutely anything you desire. Be the promoter of your dreams as well, as they are destined to come true for you.

Birthdays: July 29, August 27, September 25, October 23, November 21, December 19

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