Queen of Spades

Self Mastery


As a Queen of Spades, you have been born with great determination. You find your greatest strength in being dedicated to a specific goal or purpose. It's all too easy for you to get caught up doing menial tasks, not realizing the power of the crown you wear. Great responsibility comes with this birthday and it's important for you to have some sort of mental discipline or focus in order to obtain inner contentment and satisfaction. Without a path or specific focus, you may find yourself taking care of everyone else's needs rather than realizing the potential of your birthright. Self-mastery is the true expression of this card and you have the opportunity to realize that you embody the wisdom and power to manifest whatever you want. You can literally wish that which you desire into existence. You must recognize that you are a born ruler and that you have unlimited wisdom and intuitive ability available to you. Educating yourself in areas to which you are drawn will bring great benefits and lead you to your successes in life. Always trust and follow your intuition. You are highly intelligent and you are extremely sensitive. Living a life in service to humanity will bring you the greatest joy and fulfillment.

Birthdays: January 2

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